Graduate Admissions and Funding Opportunities

Applicants for graduate study in aerospace engineering and mechanics must apply online through the Graduate School. Required materials are

  • statement of purpose
  • official transcripts
  • three letters of recommendation (only two letters for AMP applicants)
  • appropriate test scores
    o GRE
    o TOEFL/IELTS (international students only)

Minimum Graduate School requirements for regular admission:

  • GPA: The applicant must have an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 overall, 3.0 for the last 60 semester hours in a degree program, or 3.0 for a completed graduate degree program.
  • Entrance Exam:
    • GRE: The applicant must have a score of 300 or higher on the GRE. Waived for UA undergraduates applying for AMP or applicants with a relevant master’s degree or five years work-related experience.
    • TOEFL/IELTS: The applicant must have a score of 79 (iBT) or 6.5 (IELTS) or 59 (PTE). Waived if applicant has an earned degree from a US institution.

AEM department standards are higher than the graduate school minimums, and all application materials are carefully considered. Meeting minimum graduate school requirements does not guarantee admission into the AEM graduate programs.

Students applying to an AEM graduate program without a bachelor’s or master’s degree in aerospace, mechanical or civil engineering are required to complete the following coursework from an accredited university (if not already completed) prior to applying: Calculus (12 credit hours), Ordinary Differential Equations, and 12 credit hours of engineering mechanics—Statics, Dynamics, Mechanics of Materials and Fluid Mechanics. The engineering mechanics courses must be calculus based. Students have the opportunity to enroll in the mechanics courses through the UA College of Continuing Studies as a non-degree seeking (NDS) applicant.

AEM distance programs are open to US students as well as international students residing in the US with appropriate visas. For students interested in the distance PhD program, it is highly recommended to contact faculty with similar research interests and arrange an on-campus visit or video conference prior to applying to the program. Gaining faculty interest and support is beneficial and important in the application review.

Application Deadlines:

  • MSAEM: Fall (June 30), Spring (November 30), Summer (March 31)
  • PhD: Fall (April 30), Spring (September 30)
  • International students without visas will require earlier submissions


Assistantships (teaching and research) are offered by the department and individual faculty to highly-qualified applicants with preference towards those pursuing a PhD. Most assistantships start in the fall and last one academic year with consideration for renewal. An assistantship provides a competitive stipend, full tuition and health benefits. No additional application is necessary; however, if seeking an assistantship then your application should be submitted by January 31 or earlier for the ensuing fall semester. Contacting faculty with similar research interests is encouraged.

Several national, state and university fellowship programs exist that provide academic stipends. Three examples, respectively, are the National Science Foundation, the Alabama Space Grant Consortium and The University of Alabama Graduate Council.

For additional information about the graduate program or financial assistance, contact Dr. James P. Hubner.