AEM Seminar Series: Dr. Marilyn Smith

Dr. Marilyn Smith from Georgia Tech’s aerospace engineering program will be speaking as part of the Aerospace Engineering and Mechanic’s Research Seminar Series on “From Basic Research to Relevant Vehicle Applications: Dynamic-Aerodynamic Interactions of Bluff Bodies”.


Prof. Smith's research includes advanced numerical methods and engineering analysis associated with unsteady fluid mechanics applied to the interdisciplinary problems involving aeroelasticity or fluid-structure interaction. Some recent funded research topics include:

  • Unstructured grid methodology development for use in unsteady, multidisciplinary applications
  • Turbulence and transition modeling
  • Overset methods development
  • Multibody dynamic configurations, such as store/ship/vehicle interactions, bluff body aerodynamic‐dynamic interactions, wind turbines, and rotorcraft
  • Complex topological analyses, such as configuration‐environment impact/interaction
  • Advanced multiresolution, multiscale algorithm development for structured and unstructured grid topological methodologies across Mach regimes
  • Aeroelastic tailoring using microflaps, jets, morphing of wings or rotating blades and design of controls to enhance aeroacoustic and aerodynamic performance in rotorcraft/wind turbines.