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A student majoring in an engineering program may earn a minor in engineering or another division of the University, such as chemistry, mathematics or business.

Required courses and electives needed for an engineering or computer science degree may also count toward the minor.

An aerospace engineering and mechanics faculty member will be assigned to each student pursuing a minor in aerospace engineering.

A minor in aerospace engineering requires the completion of a minimum of 20 hours including the following courses plus the required prerequisites. For more information, read the AEM Program Minor Policy.

  • AEM 250 – Mechanics of Materials* (3 hrs)
  • AEM 251 – Mechanics of Materials Lab (1 hr)
  • AEM 264 – Dynamics* (3 hrs)
  • AEM 311 – Fluid Mechanics* (3 hrs)
  • AEM 313 – Aerodynamics I (3 hrs)
  • AEM 341 – Aircraft Structural Analysis** (3 hrs)
  • AEM 368 – Flight Dynamics and Controls I** (4 hrs)

* These mechanics courses have AEM 201 Statics and various MATH prerequisites
** These two courses have pre-requisites required of BSAE students, but not necessarily of students from other degree programs. No equivalent for AEM 249 is required of non-BSAE students. ME 349 may substitute for AEM 349 for BSME students as a prerequisite for AEM 368. Other students will need to have a numerical analysis/algorithms background for AEM 368. Suitability of a student’s background will be determined by the AEM department on a case-by-case basis.

The University of Alabama Undergraduate Catalog is home to the most up-to-date curriculum and course information. For further information on our programs, please visit the College of Engineering section of the catalog. The College’s Academic Advising Center can assist current students with curriculum information.

For More Information

Students will need to complete the minor forms or contact their faculty adviser for additional information.