Remote Sensing Center

Develop innovative radar systems and integrated aerial platforms with leading radar and aerospace experts at UA’s Remote Sensing Center.
GRA Benefits:

  • MS/PhD research assistantships
  • Tuition support
  • Scientific articles & conference travel
  • Field deployment opportunities
  • Interdisciplinary collaborative research opportunities with domestic and international partners
  • Great job perspective in defense and remote sensing industries
  • Recommendation letter
  • Work with engineers and scientists to develop systems operating across the globe
Faculty Team
Dr. Prasad Gogineni,Director Remote sensing, Radar systems
Dr. Stephen Yan, Deputy Director, Sensors and Antenna Antennas, phased arrays, UWB radar systems, radar signal processing, RF circuit designs
Dr. Drew Taylor, Signal processing area lead High-speed digital systems, SoCs, FPGAs, radar signal processing
Dr. Jordan Larson, Aerospace area lead Guidance, navigation, and control; structures, aerodynamics, platform integration
Dr. Prabhakar Clement, Modeling area lead Hydrology modeling, Soil moisture


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For graduate research opportunities contact Dr. Paul Hubner, Graduate Program Coordinator.